Our mission at PeriOptix™ is to enhance the performance of care given by healthcare professionals through high quality, innovative and differentiated products. Our strategy is to focus on our core competencies in optics and illumination and to introduce only products with distinctive features and improvements over existing products on the market. Loupes and headlights are rapidly becoming the standard of care among dental hygienists and assistants.

Wearing dental loupes and headlights improves visualization as well as working posture. As a result, musculoskeletal stress is reduced with less chance of neck and back problems that can shorten career longevity. Largest choice of frames. A well designed and proper fitting frame can make the difference between loupes that feel too heavy to ones that can be worn all day with ease. In reality, no one frame fits all users well. That’s why PeriOptix provides the largest selection of frame styles and sizes of any loupe company.