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Sustainability at Aluro Healthcare NZ – FOREWORD

Sustainability is an often-used phrase to describe being environmentally friendly, doing ‘green’ dentistry or having better systems and protocols to help save the environment. Although there are many definitions, the most accepted is the one defined by the United Nations in 1987.

“Development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”   

At the 2005 World Summit, it was noted that this requires to encompass other factors such as environmental, social, and economic demands. Combined, these are known as the "three pillars" of sustainability. So how do they relate to the Dental Profession? Plus, particularly in NZ how can we do better than the generations of dentists before us to make a more sustainable future for generations to come?

While this question may ultimately not be fulfilled in our lifetime, we can start today within our own dental practices, businesses, homes and contribute to a growing generational society with significant impact.

“Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today!” – Mark Twain (Benjamin Franklin)

Changing habits takes practice. The more you practice, the more it will become a habit.


A Choice that Matters.

The choices we make in our daily lives affect the future of tomorrow.  The more sustainable our choices, the more sustainable the future.  Taking care of our oral health will benefit our overall health, and promoting better health is building a sustainable future. The choices we make today will matter.


Sustainability Strategic Framework 2022-2025.

Our sustainability report goes beyond offering better product choices for our customers and recycling our waste. Our ambition is to integrate sustainability throughout our business, and help our customers start their own sustainable journey. By sharing knowledge of what we know, combining it with what you know and looking at our wider international community for success stories, we can build a sustainable dental profession and industry in New Zealand that we can all be proud of. Read more in our Sustainability Strategic Framework Report for 2022-2025

Our commitments for Sustainable Development and Dentistry includes working in line with the FDI Sustainable Dentistry goals, communicating these with our customers and becoming sustainable in all areas of our own business.