DentaChat Webinars

What is DentaChat?
DentaChat is a virtual space that Aluro Healthcare created to educate professionals in different topics, from clinical to business with the purpose to add value to their practice.

How does DentaChat work?
Our DentaChat team find topics and keynote speakers from around the globe who join us and provide useful insights. DentaChat is exclusive for our Aluro Healthcare customers. An email invite is sent out for registration for upcoming webinars. We record our DentaChat sessions and make them available for viewing once they have been edited.


DentaChat Webinar - Why is Dento Facial Aesthetics for NOW!

Dr Myles Holt, a registered Dental Surgeon and a Director/Head Clinical Trainer at the Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics will explain in this webinar why now is the best time to move into the field of dento-facial aesthetics.

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DentaChat Webinar - The importance of Effective Communicaton for greater patient satisfaction and loyalty

This DentaChat introduces key ideas to help you more effectively communicate and connect with colleagues and clients. After a brief insight, Arlene Nicholson will explain four ways that people like to receive information and respond.

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DentaChat Webinar - It's the era of Digital Scanning

Find out about the benefits of digital scanning technology for you and your practice. Learn from Nicole Lawson, CAD/CAM Product Manager at Carestream Dental about the freedom that comes with intraoral scanning and its comprehensive workflow options.

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DentaChat Webinar - The New Generation of Antimicrobials

Dr Tihana Divnic-Resnik from the University of Sydney talks about chemical plaque control and shares the most recent research findings and reveals the many benefits of Perio Plus+ for patients.

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DentaChat Webinar - The Power of Ozone

Ozone is a natural biocide that kills bacteria, viruses and fungi within seconds. In this webinar Professor Laurence Walsh talks about the latest published evidence on ozonated water and its applications.

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DentaChat Webinar - Introduction to Laser Dentistry

In this webinar Dr. Don Coluzzi a Clinical Professor at the University of California introduces the fundamentals of the dental diode laser's operation and safety along with photos of clinical procedures.

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DentaChat Webinar - Digital Marketing for Dentists

Whether you need to fill your appointment book or achieve greater retention of existing patients, Alice Moore, Co-Founder and Director of Communications at Mint Design explains how digital marketing tools can help your dental practice.

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