Comprehensive Skincare RX Training Derma Labs Consultant Auckland

event Fri 20th Sep 2019 access_time8.30am - 5.00pm roomAmora Hotel, Auckland

Do you want to enter the facial aesthetic market?

Want to expand the facial aesthetic options available for patients?

Want practical demonstration on Micro needling and chemical peels?

The skincareRX Training aims to provide comprehensive information to Dental Professionals.
The following are the main learnings from the training programme:

SkincareRX Professional Treatments:
    -    Hydrogel Masks
    -    Chemical Peels (Practical Demonstration)
    -    CIT Pro Micro-dermal Needling (Practical Demonstration)
                    o    Physiology of Collagen Induction by Micro-Dermal Needling
                    o    Benefits of Micro-Dermal Needling
                    o    Indications
                    o    Dermal Pen Specifications
                    o    What to expect post-treatment

The Skin:
Skin Structure - Understanding the Biochemical Reactions of the skin.
    -    Biochemical Phenomena of Ageing
                    o    Intrinsic Mechanisms of skin health
                    o    Extrinsic Mechanisms of skin health
    -    Biochemical Phenomena of Pigmentation
    -    Biochemical Phenomena of Acne

SkincareRX Ingredients:
    -    Mechanisms of Skin Health and Dermaceutical Ingredients

SkincareRX  Dermafix Ingredient Categories:
    -    AHA’s/BHA/Enzymes            -    Anti-Oxidant/Anti-Inflammatories
    -    Peptides                                    -    Pigmentation Inhibitors/Brighteners
    -    Stem Cells                                -    Humectants/Lipids/Emollients

SkincareRX Home Care Products:
    -    Skin Consultation
    -    Prescribing a skincare regime

Who should attend?
• Dentists

• Hygienists

• Dental Assistants

• Practice Managers



Amora Hotel, Auckland


Friday 20th of September
8.30am - 5.00pm



7 CPD points for Hygienists ONLY

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